Our Vision

Become a leading food processor in South Asia, protecting maximum nutritional values  of foods and protecting the environment.

Our Mission

Preserve foods with protecting nature of foods under minimal processing to heal mind crowns.

The Ceylonwin Natural Foods Private Limited

By the year 2013, there was a small house  which was belongs to Ceylonwin Natural Foods Company close to Kalagedihena junction. According to the Buddhism, the company do the righteous business. Because the company doesn't earn any wrong income providing bad things to the society. Not only that, but also the company always protect the environment. It's sure, because the Ceylonwin Natural Foods Company is a 100% qualified Organic Company established in Sri Lanka. The management proudly saying that it's a proud Sri Lankan company. As it is, the company always looks to take the best products all over the world. The company is not yet very large. But maintains the best qualities of productions. The next steps will be a new chapter in the Ceylonwin company as well as the Global Dehydrated Organic Fruit Market. 

Managing Director's Message
Managing Director
Ceylonwin Natural Foods(Pvt)Ltd was established in the year 2013 at Kalagedihena , Gampaha district with the help of one employee. I am proud to mention here that, at present our products have been more popular in the local and foreign markets. The secret behind the success of the company is the dedication and the commitment of the board of directors, management and the employees at all levels, to produce and market the highest quality products as well as the feedback of our valued customers.

I am always committed to uplift the welfare of my employees and to supply the best quality products to our customers at a reasonable price. I take this opportunity to pay my sincere gratitude to my beloved parents who had been the pillar of our success and the continued guidance and support of my own brother, have paved the way towards the successful business venture.

We have been working for welfare and educational activities for children in order to build up their skills and values. In addition to that social services and religious have been launched by the company to uplift the living standards. We wish to offer our value contribution to the community in the future too.

Finally my pleasure is to see "Ceylonwin Products" will become a leading brand name in all over the world..


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Board of Directors

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Our Distribution Network

Distribution network is well established throughout the island to cater to our distributors. The sales promotional activities are also integrated with the distribution program & many outlets will be established in several major cities to provide an excellent, friendly, service to our valued customers. We distribute our products not only to the local market but also to the foreign market.

                                Local Network

In local market, our products are distributed to every district in Sri Lanka through distributors. More than 120 vehicles are used for distributions. Wijaya Products are available in all kinds of retail & wholesale outlets and leading supermarkets. Vithun Products are chosen by more than 12 million customers in Sri Lanka.
                                 Overseas Sales Network

We export our product to more than 10 Countries such as Australia, New Zealand,  U.K, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, U.S.A, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Maldives and The Middle East countries. More than 43 million overseas customers taste our products in Worldwide.


We would like to say proudly that our products have been certified as 100% Organic and health protective by outstanding Organizations not only in Sri Lanka, also in the Globe.



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