Dehydrated Organic Fruit Products
Food Dehydration is the oldest form of food preservation. In the beginning, people used a lot of salt to preserve foods, and they dried their food in the sun or on stove tops. Today we have the food dehydrator to help in the process of drying. Food dehydration is safe because water is removed from the food. Because water is removed from the food, mold and bacteria cannot grow on it;thus it will not spoil.  We also can dehydrate many of fruits as well as all foods. As a premier Organic Fruit Product Company we serve our customers a big category of Dehydrated Fruit items with 100% guarantee of taste, quality and international standard. We're proud to say every dehydrated product of our company are only made with Original Sri Lanka's Fruits. All Our Dehydrated Products will best best for use for over a year from the manufactured date. Dehydrated Fruits are made using special machines and clean workers hands.  Our customers can see the diversity of our Dehydrated(Dried) Fruits.

       We make following fruits as much as drying for you
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